Single Fridge – Our In-Depth Look At All Things

Are you in the market for a new refrigerator? If so, then you’ll want to check out single fridge’s latest lineup of refrigerators. Here at our product review blog, we’ve taken an in-depth look at all things single fridge and are ready to share our findings with you! 

We tested the features of these products and explored their design elements, giving us valuable insight into why they’re such popular models. We also spoke with customers who have used them and got their feedback on how well they work. With this comprehensive information, we can confidently say that a single fridge is one of the best brands on the market today when it comes to refrigerators. 

So if you’re looking for a reliable fridge that will last for years to come, be sure to check out what single fridge has to offer!

Single Fridge Comparison 2024

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Single Fridge Reviews 2024

Best For Overall – SDFGH Household Mini Compressor Refrigerator

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I recently purchased the SDFGH Household Mini Compressor Refrigerator and I’m really impressed with it. The brushed metal panel looks sleek and stylish, and the single-door design makes it easy to access all of my food items. With a depth of 385 mm, a width of 380 mm, and a height of 483 mm, this mini refrigerator fits perfectly in my kitchen. 

On top of that, the powerful compressor provides great cooling capabilities with temperatures reaching down to -18℃. Overall, I’m very satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a reliable mini refrigerator.


– Sleek and stylish brushed metal panel 

– Easy-to-access single-door design 

– Compact size fits perfectly in most kitchens  

– Powerful compressor 


– No additional features such as temperature control

Best For Quality – SDFGH Mini Portable Refrigerator

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I was very impressed with the SDFGH Mini Portable Refrigerator. Its small and compact form factor makes it suitable for home and car use, such as indoors, balconies, picnics, and cars. It has an impressive capacity that allows me to store plenty of items such as food, drinks, milk, and more. 

The magnetic suction door provides a strong seal to ensure a good cold-keeping effect. I was also pleasantly surprised by its lightweight design which belies its strength; it can definitely take a lot of use over time without issue. All in all, this portable fridge is great value for money and really meets my needs.


– Small and compact form factor

– Large capacity

– Convenient for home and car use 

– Magnetic suction door

– Lightweight design yet robust construction  


– Noisy when running at high speeds 

– Can be difficult to move around due to weight

 Best For Small Home – GUANGMING – Table Top Mini Fridge

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I absolutely love the GUANGMING – Table Top Mini Fridge! It is incredibly energy efficient, only using high efficiency, low energy consumption compressor to quickly cool the contents. On top of that, it produces an incredibly low noise level of less than 40 db, ensuring a peaceful sleep at night. 

The refrigerator liner is made from food-grade material allowing for direct contact with food, providing a healthy and efficient freezing solution. This upright freezer also has adjustable feet which helps balance it on uneven surfaces and makes storage much easier. 

Its compact size makes it suitable for any place – from dorms to RVs to offices – without sacrificing storage space. All in all, I think this mini fridge is a great purchase if you’re looking for an efficient way to store your food items!


– Energy efficient

– Low noise level of less than 40 dB

– Healthy and efficient freezing solution

– Adjustable feet 

– Compact size 


– None, as it has all the features one would expect from a mini fridge.

Best For Durability – Phil Beauty Mini Fridge

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I was looking for a mini fridge that could be used for both home and car use, and the Phil Beauty Mini Fridge is exactly what I needed. It has an adjustable temperature range from -9 to 65°C and comes with an LCD touchscreen for easy temperature adjustment. 

The ABS shell makes it easy to clean, while its low noise level of 28 dB and energy-saving features make it a great choice. Not only is it lightweight at 8kg, but it also comes with two power adapters so I can easily plug into either a home or car outlet. 

The 16-20L capacity is perfect for keeping food and drinks cool while traveling or storing beauty products at home. All in all this mini refrigerator offers convenience and flexibility which makes it ideal for my needs!


– Dual-core 72w for efficient cooling/heating

– Adjustable temperature range from -9 to 65°C 

– Low noise level of 28 dB and energy-saving features 

– Lightweight at 8 kg with home and car line adapters included

– 16 to 20 L capacity


– No freezing function, not suitable for ice cream storage 

– Slight learning curve due to the LCD touchscreen interface

Best For Price – RJJ Vehicle-Mounted Mini Refrigerator

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After using the RJJ Vehicle-Mounted Mini Refrigerator, I have been delighted with its performance. It is perfect for my self-driving trips, outdoor picnics, office space, and home use. Its small size makes it very easy to transport while still providing ample capacity for storing food. 

The refrigerator is also incredibly quiet, allowing me to use it without disruption. Moreover, the efficient cooling and freezing capabilities keep my food fresh longer than ever before. All in all, this mini refrigerator is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a compact yet powerful way to store food on the go.


– Small size, large capacity, easy to carry 

– Quiet design for safer and more comfortable use  

– Effective cooling and freezing, keeping food good 

– Suitable for self-driving travel, office space, outdoor picnics, home use 


– None identified

JYCCH Mini Fridges Camping Car Fridge

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I was very impressed with the JYCCH Mini Fridges Camping Car Fridge. It has a dual purpose for both cars and households as it comes with a 220V/60 Hz power supply for standard sockets, while also including a DC power supply of 12V for lighters. 

Its 6-liter capacity is enough to store up to 6-8 cans, making it perfectly compact and portable. On top of that, this mini fridge is incredibly quiet while running, barely reaching 28dB – so quiet that it won’t disturb you even as you sleep! 

What’s more, the mini fridge has both cooling and heating functions, with a minimum cooling temperature of -25 °C and a maximum heating temperature of 65°C. This makes it ideal for not only keeping drinks cold or food warm but also for storing hot drinks or warm milk. All in all, this multifunctional freezer is an excellent choice that offers great value for money.


– Dual purpose for car and household 

– Compact & portable, 6-liter capacity 

– Very low noise

– Cooling and heating functions 

– Multi-functional mini fridge


– No cons identified.

DORALO Table Top Mini Fridge

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If you are looking for a mini freezer that is both energy efficient and offers plenty of storage, the DORALO Table Top Mini Fridge is ideal. It is very compact, yet spacious enough to store all my food and ice cream. The adjustable feet make it easy to level the freezer on an uneven surface so that I can place it anywhere that I need it. 

Additionally, its energy-efficient compressor cools the food quickly and quietly, ensuring a good night’s sleep without any loud noises disturbing me. The interior is made of food-grade material which is both safe and healthy to store food in. This mini fridge is perfect for university dormitories, RVs, apartments, or offices as it fits easily into almost any space.


– Compact and spacious storage 

– Adjustable leveling legs 

– Energy efficient compressor 

– Made of food grade material 

– Suitable for university dormitories, RVs, apartments or offices 


– None

Russell Hobbs RHUCLF2W Freestanding Fridge

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I just bought the Russell Hobbs RHUCLF2W Freestanding Fridge, and I’m delighted with my purchase. The fridge has a capacity of 111 litres, making it perfect for storing food items of all sizes. 

It’s also a great choice for those who don’t need a freezer unit, as it is designed to be freezerless. It is also available in white colour, which I find very attractive and aesthetically pleasing. The installation was hassle-free, as this fridge is designed to be freestanding. 

What I appreciate most about this fridge is that it has just one door, making it easier to reach items at the back without having to open multiple doors. Furthermore, defrosting can be done manually which makes cleaning and maintenance easy and stress-free. This model runs on 230 Volts which ensures optimum performance and energy efficiency.


– Capacity of 111 litres 

– Freezerless design 

– Freestanding installation type 

– Easy to reach items in one door 

– Manual defrost system 

– Runs on 230 Volts 


– No freezer unit

Fridgemaster 94 Litre Freestanding Under Counter Fridge

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My old undercounter fridge was too small for my needs. So I decided to upgrade to the Fridgemaster 94 Litre Freestanding Under Counter Fridge and I’m very pleased with it. It has a whopping 94 liters of capacity, making it perfect for storing larger items. 

The compact freezerless design is great for fitting into tight spaces, and I love that the door is reversible depending on where you want to install it. The glossy finish looks sleek and modern in my kitchen, and I’m also impressed with how quiet this refrigerator runs – no more loud humming! 

All in all, this fridge is a great buy; with its large capacity, high-quality construction, and practical features, it’s a reliable choice for any kitchen.


– Generous 94 liters capacity 

– Compact freezerless design

– Reversible door with glossy finish 

– Quiet operation 

– High quality construction and reliable performance 


– None

Cookology MFR45SS Small Table Top Mini Fridge

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I was so happy to find the Cookology MFR45SS Small Table Top Mini Fridge. It’s a great size for storing snacks and drinks, with 46 liters of capacity which can easily fit a good amount of items. Additionally, it has an adjustable temperature control which makes it perfect for keeping my food and beverages just the way I want them. 

The reversible door is also very convenient, so I can open it however I want without having to worry about space constraints or anything like that. Furthermore, the adjustable legs make sure that my mini fridge remains level on any surface so that there won’t be any spilling or messes. 

Lastly, the small box compartment inside is really handy for storage purposes – it gives me the opportunity to organize all my items perfectly. All in all, this mini fridge has been a great addition to my home!


– 46 liters of capacity

– Adjustable temperature control t

– Reversible door 

– Adjustable legs 

– Small box compartment inside 


– Not a full size fridge, so may not fit larger items or more than one shelf worth of food/drinks

SIA LFS01WH 48cm White Freestanding 91L Fridge

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I was looking for a reliable and trusted refrigerator and I am glad to say that the SIA LFS01WH 48cm White Freestanding 91L Fridge has certainly exceeded my expectations. With its reversible door, temperature control, adjustable legs and three door shelves, it has become the perfect appliance to store all of my food and drinks in an organized manner. 

Not only that but it also comes with a one year manufacturer’s guarantee which is reassuring. It has been a great addition to my kitchen and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a dependable and affordable fridge.


– Reversible door feature 

– Temperature control 

– Adjustable legs m 

– 3 door shelves 

– 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee 


– None found

Koolatron Retro 4L 6 Can Portable Mini Fridge

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I was really pleased with the Koolatron Retro 4L 6 Can Portable Mini Fridge. It’s perfect for home, office, dorm, truck, boat, trailer or RV use since it comes with both an AC adapter and car charger. The retro refrigerator design is eye-catching and adds a unique charm to any room. 

What’s more, the compact size and 4L capacity allow me to store up to 6 standard soft drink cans while taking up minimal space on my desk or shelf. In addition, the thermoelectric technology ensures energy-efficiency by cooling contents down to 32°F below ambient temperature without any harmful chemicals involved. 

Finally, I can keep items like beauty products, cosmetics, skincare beverages and snacks securely locked in with its twist-lock door handle. I’d highly recommend this portable mini fridge as a great all-purpose gift idea for friends and family alike!


– Comes with both an AC adapter and car charger 

– Unique retro refrigerator design 

– Compact size and 4L capacity 

– Secure twist lock door handle 


– Not suitable for large capacity storage

Eklipt 10L Mini Fridge Compact Mini Refrigerator

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Being highly energy efficient, I love that the Eklipt 10L Mini Fridge Compact Mini Refrigerator can both cool and heat items. The temperature range is 5-60 degrees Celsius, which is about 20 degrees below room temperature, and it has 55W cooling and 45W heating power. 

It is an eco-friendly product that does not require any refrigerant, so it’s very energy efficient. In addition, the refrigerator door is made of tempered glass which makes it look modern and sturdy. And the handles make it easy to carry around. 

The 12V voltage for car and 220V for home make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, which is really great. All in all, I’m very happy with this product, as it provides me with a convenient way to store food while keeping them cool or warm.


– Temperature range of 5-60 degrees Celsius

– 55W cooling & 45W heating power

– Eco friendly and low noise 

– Modern design with tempered glass door and handles 

– Suitable for home and car use 


– Small size may be limiting for some users

BLACK+DECKER BCRK43V Compact Refrigerator

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After using the BLACK+DECKER BCRK43V Compact Refrigerator for a few weeks, I’m extremely satisfied with its performance. The two full width adjustable glass shelves provide plenty of room for all of my groceries. 

I also appreciate the removable fruit and vegetable crisper compartment for keeping fresh produce easily accessible. The 1 full width and 2 half width door shelves are great for storing larger items like 2 Liter bottles. There’s even a convenient storage space for six 12 ounce cans! 

Plus, the adjustable thermostat control and leveling legs provide ultimate versatility so I can customize it to fit inside my kitchen perfectly. And lastly, the freezer compartment with integrated ice cube tray is great for making ice and storing frozen items. With its reversible door and space saving flat back design, this compact refrigerator will fit anywhere in my home.


– Plenty of storage room with two full width adjustable glass shelves and a removable fruit and vegetable crisper compartment

– Space for larger items like 2 Liter bottles 

– Dispenser type storage for six 12 ounce cans 

– Adjustable thermostat control and leveling legs 

– Full width freezer compartment with integrated ice cube tray 

– Reversible door and space saving flat back design


– None!

Russell Hobbs RHTTLF1B 43L Table Top Fridge

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I recently purchased the Russell Hobbs RHTTLF1B 43L Table Top Fridge, and I am incredibly impressed with it. It is energy efficient, earning an F energy efficiency rating. Additionally, it is highly functional with two removable wire shelves, adjustable feet, and a reversible door that allow me to customize it to my individual needs. 

Furthermore, its 43L size makes it perfect for additional storage space in a bedroom or under a desk as well as on my kitchen table top. Lastly, I have the added peace of mind that this fridge comes with a two-year guarantee upon registration. Overall, I highly recommend this fridge for anyone looking for an efficient and reliable way to keep their food and beverages cold.


– Highly energy efficient with an F rating 

– Two removable wire shelves, adjustable feet and a reversible door

– Compact size (43L) 

– Comes with a two-year guarantee upon registration 


– Smaller sizes may not be suitable for larger families

Single Fridge Benefits

single fridge

Energy Efficiency 

One of the main benefits of single fridges is their energy efficiency. Since there’s only one compartment instead of two or more, you won’t have to worry about wasted energy from having multiple cooling systems running at once. This helps keep your electricity bills low while still providing ample storage space for food and drinks alike. Additionally, most single fridges feature adjustable temperature settings so you can fine-tune how much power is used depending on what’s inside the fridge at any given time. 

Compact Size

Another great benefit of single fridges is their compact size which makes them perfect for smaller homes or apartments where space might be limited or at a premium. These types of refrigerators typically range from 18 inches up to 24 inches in width so even if you don’t have much countertop area available, you’ll still be able to fit one in without a problem. Additionally, most single fridges come with adjustable shelves so you can easily customize the interior layout to accommodate any size or type of food and beverage containers. 

Flexible Storage Options

Unlike traditional fridges that typically have two large compartments, single fridges offer more flexible storage options. You’ll usually find several smaller compartments for holding specific items like fruits and vegetables, dairy products, condiments, drinks, etc., which makes it easier to organize your groceries according to their needs. Additionally, some models even feature adjustable temperature settings so you can store different types of food at the ideal temperatures without worrying about them spoiling quickly. 

Easy Maintenance 

Single fridges are also very easy to maintain since they usually come with fewer components than traditional fridges. This means you won’t have to worry about complex repairs or regular maintenance checks as often, which tends to be the case with larger refrigerators. Additionally, most single fridges come with removable shelves and drawers which allow for easy cleaning and rearranging of items so your food can stay fresh longer. 

single fridge


Finally, single fridges are also much more eco-friendly than other types of refrigerators since they use fewer resources to run. This means you can save on energy costs while still helping reduce your carbon footprint by using a more efficient refrigerator. Additionally, some models even come with features like an automatic shut-off setting which helps conserve energy when the fridge isn’t being used for extended periods of time. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Single Fridge


When it comes to choosing a single fridge, size is one of the most important considerations. You want something that will fit into your kitchen or other space where it will be stored without taking up too much room. Measure out how much space you have available and then compare that measurement with different models from various brands until you find one that fits perfectly into your kitchen layout. Additionally, if you plan on storing large items like turkeys or party platters inside the fridge, make sure they can fit comfortably inside as well!  


Another factor to consider is what kind of features come with each model of single fridge available today. Many modern fridges come with technological advances such as adjustable temperature settings and humidity control, LED lighting, automatic defrosting, and even door alarms to let you know when the fridge has been left open for too long. It’s important to assess exactly what kind of features are most important to you in order to ensure that your needs are met when it comes time to make a purchase. 


When picking out a single fridge, don’t forget about style! Many models come in modern designs with sleek lines or retro-inspired styles like glass doors and chrome details. Additionally, there are also plenty of color options available so you can find a fridge that matches your kitchen decor perfectly. 

single fridge

Energy Efficiency 

Energy efficiency is an important factor to consider when selecting any appliance, but it’s especially important for a single fridge that will be running all the time. Look for models with high EnergyStar ratings that will help keep energy costs down and ensure your fridge runs smoothly without using too much electricity. 


Finally, take price into consideration when choosing a single fridge. The good news is that there are plenty of affordable options available on the market today, so you don’t have to break the bank in order to get a quality product. However, if you plan on investing in a higher-end model with all the bells and whistles, make sure you factor in those extra costs as well! 

FAQs about Single Fridge

What type of shelves does a single fridge have?

Most single fridges have adjustable, wire shelves that can be moved to fit the size and shape of items to be stored inside. Many models also feature spill-proof glass shelves that are easier to keep clean, as well as clear drawers for storing produce and other fresh items. Some single fridges may also come with a dairy compartment or even an ice maker.

single fridge

How to adjust the temperature in a single fridge?

The temperature of a single fridge can be easily adjusted depending on the model. Most fridges will have an external control panel or knob that allows you to set the desired temperature. Generally, higher temperatures are better for food storage, while lower temperatures are best for preserving drinks and frozen items. 

The exact adjustment instructions may vary from model to model, but most feature a numbered scale from 1 to 5 or from low to high to indicate the temperature setting. Additionally, some models may have a separate control for adjusting the freezer compartment’s temperature as well. It is important to note that some single fridges may require manual defrosting in order to maintain optimal temperature settings and keep food fresh longer.

Does a single fridge come with an ice maker? 

Some single fridges may come with an integrated ice maker, although this feature is not available on all models. An ice maker typically consists of a small bin inside the fridge that produces and stores cubes for easy access. Ice makers are convenient for those who need ice regularly, such as in hot summer months or during parties. 

Additionally, some models have a fast-freeze option that quickly produces large amounts of ice at one time. It is important to note that an ice maker will require a dedicated water line in order to function properly, and some local plumbing codes may restrict installation in certain areas. Ultimately, checking the model specifications before purchasing is the best way to determine if an ice maker is included.

Does a single fridge have multiple compartments for different foods or drinks? 

Yes, a single fridge typically has multiple compartments for different types of food and drinks. Most fridges feature at least one adjustable wire shelf that is perfect for storing produce, snacks, or leftovers. Some models may also come with drawers specially designed to keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer. Additionally, some single fridges have a dairy compartment or an ice maker for easy access to frozen items. The exact number and type of compartments vary from model to model, so it is important to read the specifications before making a purchase.

Is it possible to move my single fridge around without difficulty? 

Yes, it is possible to move a single fridge around without difficulty. Most single fridges feature adjustable, caster-style wheels for easy maneuvering, and this makes them ideal for small spaces or homes with limited floor space. Additionally, the smaller size of these models means they are lighter and easier to lift when carrying them up or down stairs.

However, it is important to know that some models may require both hands to move them since they can be top-heavy. Therefore, it is always best to consult the user manual before attempting to move a single fridge as certain safety precautions should always be taken.


The SDFGH Household Mini Compressor Refrigerator is a great option for those looking to save space and energy in their homes. This single fridge has an impressive combination of features, including adjustable temperature settings, low-noise operation, and easy-to-clean shelves. 

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Whether you’re living alone or with roommates, this mini compressor refrigerator can keep your food fresh without taking up too much counter space or running up your energy bill. With its sleek design and affordable price tag, this single fridge is sure to be a hit among singles everywhere!