8 Slice Toaster – Making Breakfast Easier With A Professional Grade Eight Slicer

Are you looking for a way to make breakfast easier? Look no further than the 8 Slice Toaster. This professional-grade toaster allows you to toast eight slices of bread at once, making it perfect for busy mornings or large crowds. 

With its adjustable temperature settings and easy-to-use design, this appliance is sure to become your go-to kitchen accessory. In this review blog post, we’ll look at the features of the 8 Slice Toaster and how it can help make your morning routine simpler and faster.

8 Slice Toaster Comparison 2024

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8 Slice Toaster Reviews 2024

Best For Overall – Café Express Finish 2-Slice Toaster

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I recently purchased the Café Express Finish 2-Slice Toaster and I’m absolutely impressed with it. Its Express Finish mode allows me to achieve beautiful toast in about a minute, which is much faster than using standard toast mode. 

The extra wide slots also allow me to accommodate thicker slices of artisan breads, bagels, English muffins and more, while LED ring quickly lets me assess the progress of my toast. It also has four pre-set functions for customized toasting settings and eight shade options for selecting the perfect level of crispiness. 

Overall, this toaster has exceeded my expectations with its convenient features and reliable performance making it an exceptional addition to my kitchen.


– Quick toast mode

– Extra wide slots accommodate thicker slices of breads and bagels 

– LED ring lets you quickly assess the progress of your toast 

– Four pre-set functions

– Eight shade options 


– None noted

Best For Quality – CGOLDENWALL 6-Slice Bread Toaster

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I have been using the CGOLDENWALL 6-Slice Bread Toaster for some time now and I am incredibly impressed with its features. The 5 Block Section allows me to customize my toast from lightest to darkest, while the Automatically Raise function ensures that my toast is cooked to perfection – I can even press the cancel button at any time if I need to stop the toasting process. 

Additionally, the Wave Fever heating clamp provides uniform heat conduction and high efficiency, making it perfect for anyone looking for fast and precise results. The extra-wide slots are great too as they allow me to easily toast bagels and thick artisan breads and the self-centering guides adjust to any thickness for ultimate convenience. 

Finally, this appliance looks amazing too thanks to its brushed stainless steel housing – it will definitely look great in any kitchen!


– 5 Block Section 

– Automatically Raise function 

– Wave Fever heating clasp 

– Extra-wide slots 

– Brushed stainless steel exterior 


– Nothing so far!

Best For Design – Smeg 4-Slice Toaster-Cream

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Being a avid toast lover, I couldn’t help but jump at the chance of getting the Smeg 4-Slice Toaster. The toaster is made from strong alloy steel, making it very durable and ideal for everyday use. It has a powerful 950 watt motor which quickly heats up the toaster and gives even, consistent results. 

With four slots, I can easily make toast for the entire family in one go! The cream finish looks great on any kitchen countertop too. It’s also nice to know that it was made in China with care and attention. All in all, this is an excellent toaster that I would highly recommend!


– Made from strong alloy steel

– Powerful 950-watt motor 

– Four slots easily make toast

– Cream finish 

– Made in China with care and attention 


– No settings to customize toast level/darkness

Best For Durability – Smeg 2-Slice Toaster Matte Champagne

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I am very pleased with the Smeg 2-Slice Toaster Matte Champagne. The extra wide slots are perfect for toasting larger pieces of bread and bagels, and I can easily remove my toast without burning my hands. The adjustable browning level knob has six settings so I can get the exact crispiness that I want. 

It also has three pre-set programs – Reheat, Defrost and Bagel – which makes it very versatile and helpful for making various types of toast. Additionally, it has a self-centering rack feature that ensures even toasting, regardless of size, making for perfectly cooked slices every time. 

Its other features such as the automatic slice pop up feature, removable stainless steel crumb tray, built in cord wrap and anti-slip feet make it an incredibly convenient and reliable appliance. Lastly, the 1-Year Hassle-Free Repair or Replace Warranty gives me confidence that this toaster will last for years to come.


– Extra wide slots 

– Adjustable browning level knob with 6 settings 

– 3 pre-set programs – Reheat, Defrost and Bagel 

– Self-centering racks guarantee even toasting regardless of size 

– Automatic slice pop up feature, removable stainless steel crumb tray, built in cord wrap and anti-slip feet included  


– No negative points identified

Best For Price – Smeg TSF02PGUS 50’s Retro Style 4 Slice Toaster

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I just bought the Smeg TSF02PGUS 50’s Retro Style 4 Slice Toaster, and I am incredibly pleased with it. It has two extra wide slots with self-centering racks, so there is no need to worry about unevenly toasted toast. 

The automatic slice pop-up feature ensures consistent results every time, and there are anti-slip feet on the base for stability while in use. Cleaning up after using the toaster is easy thanks to the removable stainless steel crumb tray. 

With 6 browning levels and 3 pre-set programs (reheat, defrost, bagel), I’m able to get my desired results without any fuss. Finally, this classic looking appliance also comes in a range of colors to suit anyone’s taste.


– Extra wide slots with self-centering racks 

– Automatic slice pop-up feature 

– Anti slip feet on the base 

– Removable stainless steel crumb tray

– 6 browning levels and 3 pre set programs (reheat, defrost, bagel) 

– Comes in a range of colors


– None

Cuisinart CPT-540 4-Slice Motorized Toaster

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I was looking for a toaster that would consistently make perfect toast, and the Cuisinart CPT-540 4-Slice Motorized Toaster delivers! It has a wide range of toasting functions, including Toast, Bagel, Defrost, Reheat and Cancel. The seven shade settings provide great customizability for any type of bread. 

I also love the easy-to-use leverless operation with motorized lift and large digital display. Cleanup is made simple by the removable crumb tray as well. Plus, it comes with a 3-year limited warranty for extra peace of mind. Highly recommended!


– Wide range of toasting functions

– 7 shade settings

– Leverless operation with motorized lift and large digital display

– Easy cleanup with removable crumb tray 

– 3 year limited warranty 


– None – this is a high quality product!

Bosch Styline TAT8613GB 2 Slot Stainless Steel Toaster

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I’m really impressed with the Bosch Styline TAT8613GB 2 Slot Stainless Steel Toaster. The dual-slice wide slots are perfect for toasting thin and thick breads. The mirror heating feature creates perfectly even toast each time by using four quartz glass rods to generate heat and reflectors to direct it back towards the bread. 

I also like the digital settings which include toast degree settings, reheat and memory functions. Auto heat control measures the temperature inside the toasting chamber and adjusts it to ensure a consistently even result. 

Not only that, but it comes with a removable crumb tray and an integrated bun warmer – what more could you ask for? I highly recommend this toaster if you’re looking for reliable performance and great results every time.


– Dual-slice wide slot 

– Mirror heating feature

– Digital settings with toast degree, reheat and memory functions 

– Auto heat control 

– Comes with removable crumb tray & integrated bun warmer 


– None

De’Longhi Icona Vintage 4 Slot Toaster

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I am very happy with my De’Longhi Icona Vintage 4 Slot Toaster. I love the pastel beige and mahogany finish, as well as the eye-catching chrome detailing. With an impressive 1.8 kW heating, it can quickly toast four slices at once, but also has independent controls for two slices if needed. 

The variable browning control is great for getting the perfect shade of toast each time while the variable width slots allow me to accommodate a range of bread sizes and thicknesses. There are also helpful electronic controls for reheating items, defrosting bread, toasting bagels and canceling functions – all easily accessible. 

What I really appreciate is the extra-lift position which allows me to remove smaller items from the toaster without burning my fingers and the extra deep crumb tray makes it easy to keep it clean.


– Beautifully designed pastel beige and mahogany finish 

– 1.8 kW heating for rapid four-slice toasting 

– Variable browning control and variable width slots

– Electronic controls for 

– Extra-lift position 

– Extra deep crumb tray


– None noted

Elite Gourmet ECT4829B Long Slot 4 Slice Toaster

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After using the Elite Gourmet ECT4829B Long Slot 4 Slice Toaster for a while, I must say that it is a great kitchen appliance. The long-slot design saves a lot of counter space, and it comes with 6 variable toast shade settings so I can customize my toast according to my preferences. 

What’s more, the toaster also has cancel, defrost, and reheat buttons which give me more control over the food that I’m preparing. Additionally, the crumb tray slides out easily so I can clean up after multiple uses without any hassle. 

And with the self-centering guides, my toast will always be centered perfectly for even distribution of heat. Lastly, this toaster remains safely cool to the touch during use and non skid feet secure it in place for added safety.


– Space-saving long slot design

– 6 variable toast shade settings 

– Includes cancel, defrost, and reheat functions 

– Slide out crumb tray 

– Self-centering guides 

– Non skid feet secure the toaster in place


 – None!

Russell Hobbs 18790 Futura 4-Slice Toaster

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As a busy mom, I find the Russell Hobbs 18790 Futura 4-Slice Toaster to be a great time saver in our household. It has wide slots for both two slices and four slices of bread, so it’s perfect for my needs. 

The frozen, cancel and reheat functions are incredibly useful; they make toasting large batches of items a breeze. Additionally, it has 6 stage variable browning control which is great for adjusting the darkness of your toast to perfection. 

Finally, the removable crumb trays make cleaning a snap and it comes backed with a 2 year guarantee that ensures peace of mind. With all these features combined, I would highly recommend this toaster to anyone who wants perfectly toasted bread every time!


• Wide slots for both two slices and four slices of bread 

• Frozen, cancel, and reheat functions

• 6 stage variable browning control 

• Removable crumb trays 

• 2-year guarantee 


• None!

Russell Hobbs 24381 Inspire High Gloss Plastic Four Slice Toaster

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I had an opulent breakfast experience with the Russell Hobbs 24381 Inspire High Gloss Plastic Four Slice Toaster. Its high-gloss textured exterior combined with sleek chrome accents gave it a modern, attractive look. 

The toaster had several great features, such as a lift and look option so you can check on the browning without cancelling the cycle. It also offered variable browning control and cancel function for personal toasting preference. Additionally, the high lift feature ensures safe removal of items like crumpets, tea cakes and bagels. 

I was also pleased that the toaster will not latch if you press the right hand lever first – an added safety measure I appreciate. Overall, this is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a stylish yet functional toaster that covers all their toasting needs.


– Attractive high-gloss textured exterior with sleek chrome accents

– Lift and look feature 

– Variable browning control and cancel function

– High lift feature 

– Toaster will not latch if right hand lever is pressed first 


– Packaging may vary from product description

Russell Hobbs 26061 2 Slice Toaster

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I recently purchased the Russell Hobbs 26061 2 Slice Toaster, and I’m absolutely thrilled with it. It has a beautiful textured design with stainless steel accents that stands out on my countertop. 

The toaster also features an extra wide slot and a high lift function for easy removal of toast, which is great since it prevents me from having to worry about burning my fingers. In addition, the toaster offers frozen, cancel and reheat functions so I can easily make toast from frozen or reheat previously-made toast. 

Finally, it even includes a removable crumb tray to help keep my counter clean. This toaster is definitely worth the purchase; not only does it look great, but it also offers essential features like the high lift and crumb tray. Plus, it comes with a two year manufacturers guarantee and an additional one year when you register online!


– Textured design with stainless steel accents

– High lift feature 

– Frozen, cancel and reheat functions

– Removable crumb tray 

– Comes with 2 year manufacturers guarantee plus 1 extra year when registered online 


– None!

Dualit 2 Slice Lite Toaster

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I just bought the Dualit 2 Slice Lite Toaster and am really impressed with its thoughtful features. The Perfect Toast Technology ensures that my toast is cooked perfectly every time, even when the toaster is surrounded by a changing temperature. 

With the Peek & Pop function, I can check on my toast without having to cancel the cycle. This is especially convenient for crumpets, tea cakes and bagels. The Bagel & Defrost settings are great for defrosting frozen bread before toasting as well as for making delicious bagels. 

The extra wide slots measure 36mm so it’s perfect for thick slices of bread, sandwiches or muffins. I’m very pleased with my new Dualit 2 Slice Lite Toaster!


– Perfect Toast Technology 

– Peek & Pop function 

– Bagel & Defrost settings 

– Extra wide slots 


– Expensive price tag

Smeg Limited Edition Retro Style Aesthetic 2 Slice Toaster

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If you’re looking for a stylish addition to your kitchen, I would highly recommend the Smeg Limited Edition Retro Style Aesthetic 2 Slice Toaster. The powder-coated gold body is sleek and eye-catching, while the polished chrome base gives it a modern touch. 

The self-centering racks ensure even toasting on both sides of the toast, and the automatic slice pop up ensures that my bread is always perfectly cooked. It also has a removable stainless steel crumb tray to make cleaning easier. 

Overall, this is an excellent toaster that looks great and performs well – definitely worth checking out!


– Sleek and eye-catching design 

– Polished chrome base 

– Self-centering racks 

– Automatic slice pop up 

– Removable stainless steel crumb tray 


– Limited edition so may be hard to get

Morphy Richards Vector 4 Slice Toaster

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I have been using the Morphy Richards Vector 4 Slice Toaster for a while now and I have to say, it’s an amazing kitchen appliance. The auto pop up feature makes it incredibly easy to quickly remove my toast when its readypop-upthe variable browning control ensures I can always get my toast to be just as crispy or gooey as I like it. 

Not only that, but the illuminated cancel, reheat and frozen function buttons are incredibly helpful for making sure each slice of, toast is cooked to perfection. Additionally, this toaster has removable crumb trays for hassle-free cleaning, plus deep variable width slots which make sure even thick or thin slices of bread come out perfectly evenly toasted every time.


– Auto pop-up function 

– Variable browning control

– Illuminated cancel, reheat and frozen buttons 

– Removable crumb trays

– Deep variable width slots 


– Morphy Richards Vector 4 Slice Toaster has no cons since it provides such a great user experience.

8 Slice Toaster Benefits

8 slice toaster

Extra-Wide Slots

The first benefit is that the extra-wide slots on most 8 slice toasters are perfect for larger items like bagels or thick slices of bread. This makes them ideal for those who want their toast just right without having to worry about squeezing smaller pieces into narrow slots. The wide design also ensures that each piece is evenly cooked so you don’t end up with one side being over or underdone compared to the other sides. 

Adjustable Browning Levels

Another great feature found on many 8 slice toasters is adjustable browning levels which allow you to choose the exact shade of toast you prefer. This way, you can make sure that everyone in your household gets their favorite shade without having to constantly adjust the settings throughout the morning. Some models even offer a “keep warm” setting so your toast stays hot until it’s ready to be served. 

Reheating Option

If you’re running late or just don’t feel like waiting for your toast to cook, many 8 slice toasters come with a reheating option. This allows you to quickly heat up previously cooked toast without risking burning it or ending up with an unevenly cooked result. It also comes in handy if you want to enjoy some French Toast or other warm breakfast treats without having to wait for them to cook from scratch. 

8 slice toaster

Defrost Option

The defrost setting is another great feature found on many 8 slice toasters. This allows you to quickly and easily defrost frozen items like bread or waffles so you can enjoy them without having to wait for them to thaw out naturally. It’s a great time-saving option that can be helpful if you’re in a rush and need food fast. 

Cordless Design

Some models of 8 slice toasters also come with a cordless design which is perfect for those who want the convenience of being able to use their appliance anywhere, without having to worry about finding an outlet nearby. This makes it easier than ever before to make toast or reheat items on the go. 

Multi-Functional Design

Finally, one of the best features of 8 slice toasters is that they come in a variety of multi-functional designs. Many models offer separate slots for different types of bread and even have the ability to make grilled sandwiches or paninis. This makes them incredibly versatile so you can get creative with your morning meal options instead of limiting yourself to just toast. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing 8 Slice Toaster

If you’re in the market for an 8 slice toaster, there are a few factors that you should consider before making your purchase. From size and weight to features and price, it’s important to take all of these things into account when shopping for the best appliance for your kitchen. In this article, we will look at some of the key considerations that should be taken into account when choosing an 8 slice toaster. We’ll cover topics such as size, weight, power consumption, features and cost so you can make an informed decision about which model is right for you. 

8 slice toaster


Space is always a consideration when purchasing a kitchen appliance, and an 8 slice toaster is no exception. Before buying, you should take measurements of your counter space to ensure it can fit the new toaster comfortably. You may also want to consider if you need the extra toast slots or if a 4 slice model would be more suitable for your needs.


If you plan on moving your toaster around, weight should be taken into consideration as well. An 8 slice toaster will naturally weigh more than its four-slice counterpart so make sure it’s not too heavy for you to move easily without assistance. 

Power Consumption

Toasters are typically simple appliances but they do require power to operate. Generally, 8 slice toasters consume more electricity than 4 slice ones so if you’re looking to save electricity costs then a smaller model may be the better option for you.


When it comes to features, there are plenty of options available with 8 slice toasters. Many come with adjustable dials and temperature settings which allow you to toast different types of food such as waffles or bagels. Other features can include a removable crumb tray, defrost function and an LED display which can make your life easier when using your appliance. 


Last but not least is cost. 8 slice toasters usually carry a higher price tag than their 4-slice counterparts due to the increased number of slots. However, if you’re looking for a more powerful toaster that can handle larger slices of bread or waffles then it may be worth the extra money. 

8 slice toaster

By considering all of these factors when shopping for an 8 slice toaster, you should be able to find the perfect appliance for your kitchen. Armed with this knowledge, now is the time to start searching and finding the best model that meets your needs and budget.

FAQs about 8 Slice Toaster

How do I adjust the settings on my 8 slice toaster?

To adjust the settings on your 8 slice toaster, start by selecting the type of toast you would like to make. You can select from light, medium, dark, or extra-dark. Once you have chosen your desired level of toasting, press the “Toast” button. To further adjust the settings, use the adjustable timer dial to select how long you would like your toast to be heated. When finished adjusting, press the “Start” button and wait for your perfectly toasted slices of bread!

What are some tips for getting evenly-toasted slices from my 8 slice toaster?

To get evenly-toasted slices from an 8 slice toaster, start by setting the darkness level you want. Make sure to rotate the bread when inserting it and use an even distribution of slices. Additionally, make sure all edges are facing a heating element with enough clearance between pieces which will ensure more uniform heat exposure. Finally, check on your toast periodically so you don’t over-toast it.

Does an 8 slice toaster make enough toast if I am hosting a breakfast gathering at my home?  

An 8 slice toaster is generally sufficient for making toast for a small breakfast gathering. Depending on the size of your gathering, you may need two toasters or more if you need to make a large amount of toast quickly. Generally, an 8 slice toaster will be able to handle around two slices of bread at once, so depending on the number of people attending your breakfast gathering, you may need multiple batches of toast. Additionally, you should allow between 4-5 minutes per batch for even and fully cooked toast.

8 slice toaster

Is it possible to warm bagels or pastries with an 8 slice toaster? 

Yes, it is possible to warm bagels or pastries with an 8 slice toaster. However, you should use the lowest setting so that the bagels or pastries will not get overly crispy. Additionally, you may need to cut them into smaller pieces in order for them to fit properly in the toast slots as larger items can prevent even heat distribution. To make sure they don’t burn, check on them periodically and remove them once they are done warming.

How often should I clean out crumbs accumulated inside the slots of my 8 slice toaster?

It is important to clean out the crumbs accumulated inside the slots of an 8 slice toaster regularly, at least once a month. This will help ensure that your toast is cooked evenly and safely. To do this, unplug the toaster and let it cool down completely. 

Then, use a dry cloth or paper towel to brush away any crumbs from the slots and inner parts of the toaster. Additionally, you can use a vacuum cleaner on its lowest setting with an appropriate attachment to remove any stubborn particles. Finally, make sure all surfaces are wiped down properly and no fire hazards remain before plugging in your toaster again.  


The Café Express Finish 2-Slice Toaster is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Its sleek design and modern features make it easy to use while providing you with an even toast every time. With its 8 slice capacity, this appliance can accommodate a variety of breads for your breakfast needs or snacks throughout the day. Plus, with its durable construction and one-year warranty, you know that your purchase will last for years to come.

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Whether you’re looking for something simple or more advanced, this toaster offers all of the must-have features in a stylish package that won’t break the bank. So don’t wait – get yourself the 8 slice toaster today and start enjoying perfectly cooked toast each morning!